Minggu, 04 Agustus 2013

Cheat Dargon City

Dragon City Hack Unit Special Dragon for Free, with this cheat you will get unit Special Dragon for free.
[Note: Sometime you will get error, just try to reload it and use it again]
Instructions :
1. Open Dragon City
2. Go here >> Dragon City Get Special Dragon [ http://draco.byethost8.com/special2.php ]
3. Put your Facebook ID >> How to find your facebook id [ http://findmyfacebookid.com/ ]
4. And put your User Key
5. Click Get Special Dragon and click "Give it to me" and you see "Success Word"
6. Reload your Dragon City and go to your Storage.. then you see your free Special Dragon

How to find User Key:
  1. Go to dragon city and click free gifts then right click and choose "View frame source"..see the image below

  2. After you click the  "View frame source" new tab will appear and press Ctrl+F [Shortcut key of Find]
  3. Find sessionID..Now you see your sessionID copy the session id and put it to your "User Key"... See the Image below

Sumber : Rizkyboedakgasat@yahoo.co.id

Cheat 8 ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is billiards game on facebook a lot of users.. Play billiards eight ball 8 ball pool, with other players online. You have to put all the balls and finally the ball number 8. There are several levels of players, as you gain experience your level will increase.

8 Ball Pool Cheat Target Line Hack is functioning to make the target line becomes longer. By using this cheats, you will be much easier to insert your billiard balls. hack is new updates on Wednesday, ‎31 ‎July, ‎2013. Hack tested and work on the date 31 ‎July, ‎2013. 

8 Ball Pool Cheat Target Line Hack Need :
8 Ball Pool Cheat Target Line Hack Steps :
  1. Log into 8 Ball Pool (up on lobby)
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. In cheat engine, select process "FlashPlayerPlugin" for mozilla in win 7, "plugin-container.exe" for mozzila in win xp.
  4. Then click (ctrl+o) on your keyboard then select file Long Line.CT  that you downloaded earlier and tick small box
  5. after that, back to 8 Ball Pool and let's play..
  6. For the steps, same with the video below :

By:Rizkyboedakgasat@yahoo.co.id B|

Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013

Cheat Social Empires 2013.!!!

Cheat+Social+Empires+Cash using cheat engine
Cheat Social Empires Cash With Cheat Engine (100% work). You can get cash easily when using this cheat. it still works.
Cheat Social Empires Cash With Cheat Engine (100% work) new ways n' update 06 april 2013. Here there are 2 cheat, The first cheat is the latest cheat, and the second is the old cheat. but they can still be used. Update Video tutorials

For the tool is still the same, that is:
  • Cheat Engine: http://www.cheatengine.org/ or Cheat Engine 6.2
  • Your browser, firefox or google chrome
  • You social empires account are at least level 15 and for cash 0.
Steps to a new cheat social empires cash (06 april 2013):
  1. Download and Instal Cheat Engine
  2. Open Social Empires
  3. Open Cheat Engine and select procces to open then select (chrome.exe for google crhome) or (FlshPlayerPlugin for Mozilla Firefox)
  4. Change value type to Array of byte
  5. Back to Social Empires and click world then select Tourney.
  6. In tournament arena, you select the friends tourn, then you select THE BEST (but do not click OK)
  7. Back to Cheat Engine then click first scan for this code : 67 6F 6C 64
  8. Select all addresses obtained, and lower its or input the address into Address list
  9. then change all the code or address with this code : 63 61 73 68
  10. Back to Social Empires, then click OK
  11. Then there will be an error on your SE
  12. Reload SE, go back into the Tourney and click cancel.
  13. See your cash
  14. Repeat this process until the amount of cash which you want fulfilled.
  15. for more details, you can see in the video below, The trick is similar to that of in the video.

Hack Level Social Wars

Social Wars Cheat Instant Level Hack. Cheat ini berfungsi untu membantu kita dalam meningkatkan level di game Social Wars, dengan hac ini anda bisa meningkatkan level secara instant.
Menu: Alat yang digunakan | Langkah-langkah | Video tutorial
Alat yang digunakan:
  • Cheat Engine 6.1 or 6.2


  • Browser anda
  1. Download dan Instal Cheat Engine
  2. Masuk akun facebook anda dan masuk ke game Social Wars
  3. Buka Cheat Engine dan pilih process to open (FalshPlayerPlugin atau Plugin-container.exe untuk Mozilla Firefox) atau (chrome.exe unutk Google Chrome)
  4. Rubah value type ke Array of byte (AOB)
  5. First Scan kode ini:
    31 30 30 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
  6. Blok semua address yang didapat dan turunkan ke address list
  7. Ganti value address yang anda turunkan tadi dengan kode ini:
    39 39 39 39 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
  8. Sesudah itu bersihkan semua address dan ganti value type ke string
  9. Lalu klik first scan:
  10. Blok semua address yang didapat dan turunkan ke address list
  11. Ganti value address yang anda turunkan tadi dengan:
  12. Kembali ke Social Wars dan beli general sclupture

Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

CHEAT Baseball Heroes

Tutorial :
1. klik kanan Extract
2. buka tablenya, ada perintah pilih "yes"
3. buka Baseball Heroes
4. siap2 loading 60-80%
5. Centang Combo Max dan Combo Booster

For Link :

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Cheat Pemangillan Kuno

Cheat Pemanggilan Kuno Update 8 juli 2013

Cheat game pemanggiln kuno
Apakah kawan-kawan sudah memainkan games facebook yang satu ini?
Hampir sama dengan game perjuangan semut, tapi di game ini untuk membeli perlengkapan yang bagus sangat mahal, hanya sedikit barang yang bisa dibeli di toko game ini
berikut saya share cara cheat game ini..

  1. Open cheat engin versi berapapun
  2. Tentunya kawan-kawan juga sudah buka game tersebut
  3. Pilih proses pada cheat engine
  4. Scan gold atau uang batu

    Info: https://www.facebook.com/rizkyboedakgasat
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